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Guide to Making a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

I have talked to many people who want to make a special scavenger hunt for their significant other, but they don’t know where to begin. There are plenty of websites offering general scavenger hunt advice, but I wanted to make a detailed guide that will help people from start to finish. There is a lot […]

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My First Scavenger Hunt

The first scavenger hunt that I can remember happened when I was 7 years old. It wasn’t my birthday, or Christmas, or any other special day. It was an ordinary Saturday morning, and I left my room to have a bowl of cereal and watch some cartoons. This was the late 80’s, and Saturday morning cartoons […]

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5 Tips for a Fun Kids Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter scavenger hunts are a long standing tradition in our family. Each year, the kids wake up to find an Easter egg for each of them, with their first scavenger hunt clue inside. The next hour is a whirlwind of activity as kids are racing back and forth, looking for their next clue, solving puzzles, […]

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